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My name is Keith Haswell. Welcome to my website. You've probably been referred here from my introductory website on astrology. If you have found your way here and have not been to my other website first, I strongly recommend that you do so, before proceeding any further. That website is where you can get a FREE 20 page horoscope reading and a FREE 75 minute CD about your Spiritual enlightenment. The content of my advanced CD's, which are extracts out of my two books, is not available until you have first completed the 12 CD's of my intensive #1. Enrollment in that intensive is only available through my other website:

You will be referred back to this website once you have completed the 12 CD's of intensive #1. This website will then be available for you to enrol in my intensives 2&3 which lead you further along the pathway to enlightenment & can be your passport to a massive expansion of your consciousness or awareness. 1000's of lives are being radically changed through my teachings. Read the whole of this home page carefully, especially the testimonials and take on board what those testimonials declare: People who have been on the spiritual path for decades, have in some cases read over 200 books, yet they regard my intensives as being the pinnacle of their journey to enlightenment.

I've been teaching metaphysics and meditation for 32 years now. I'm an Australian Astrologer with 25,000 clients worldwide. I've written two books which are available as audio books exclusively through my websites as mp3 downloads. My two books make a total of 36 CD's which are downloaded by my intensive participants.

How about you? Have you studied re-incarnation, the law of attraction, meditation, Astrology, quantum physics or the various inspired writings. Are you now ready for an overview that sums it all up, then takes you to the next level?

My CD's contain very advanced material, so my intensives are mainly suited to advanced students who have been researching metaphysics themselves for a few years. It's suited mainly to self-starters who have a powerful drive to expand their understanding. If you have already done some studies on metaphysics and would like to move to the next level of tuition, then read on.

Below are some testimonials from recent graduates who were accepted into my intensives from the USA, UK & Canada.



"Hello, Keith. I just finished absorbing the CDs of Intensive #3, Week #2. WOW! Talk about consciousness expansion! Your discourse on quantum physics was life transforming! Keith, I was absolutely intrigued with your explanation of quantum physics from both a scientific basis and a metaphysical perspective. You really make a very profound subject come alive for your students! I have studied quantum physics and so I was familiar with the subject from a scientific viewpoint. But the metaphysical viewpoint was entirely new for me. It left me amazed, intrigued, and stunned -- all at the same time! And your presentation was concise, clear, fascinating and absolutely brilliant! You are a very talented and gifted teacher, Keith. We, your students, are lucky to have you. The lesson has had such a profound effect on me. So what else can I say? Thanks for everything, Keith. Meeting you through your website has been a turning point in my life. I can't thank you enough...Love, Gerald."(Hawaii USA)

Dear Keith, "Firstly...I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for starting me on this journey!!!!! A little background-- I came from a very negative background...a broken home... Something in me said I needed to find me, the REAL me. Shortly after that I found your site. I still am baffled as to how I got to your site at the time. I recently purchased all three Intensives and just finished the meditation at the end of CD#8, of intensive #1. It was the most moving and emotional experience of my life. As I came out of trance I was crying tears of joy, as I never felt like I ever had control or power over my life. "What Really Matters" explains everything in so much detail and I have learned so much in a few short weeks that is not available elsewhere. I am buried with e-mails daily from people selling this or that program for reality creation, but they fail to tell you what "The Secret" really is. I feel that the "Secret" is YOU Keith!!!!" With gratitude, Christina (Indiana USA)

4 Week Intensive Testimonials

Dear Keith,
I thank you for the opportunity to participate in your intensive series. The benefits are indescribable and really have to be experienced to truly know them. I have been on the spiritual path for many years. I have read over 250 books and attended many lectures etc. In just two weeks of working with you, all that material I had covered was crystallized and brought into a much deeper understanding. You have also provided critical new information that has become the pinnacle of my spiritual growth thus far. Your intensive is genius and truly unique. I am so grateful to be able to participate in such a great breadth of view.

- Love Linda (Odessa, FL, USA)

Dear Keith,
I am now going into the 3rd week of working with your CDs and I feel so happy and powerful every day I wake up. Even my friends noticed a change. I've read a lot of books and listened to several other CDs before I was "led" to you. Now finally everything makes sense! I love to listen to your voice and I love the way you guide me and help me to understand. You are one of the few people on Earth that actually care about someone's progress and development. Thank you Keith for being a great teacher! I have recommended your intensive and given the link to your website to all my friends and hope that some of them may be the next ones to take your course.

- Love Viola (Kentucky, USA)

Dear Keith,
The energy and the intensity of your work is like no other that I have experienced. You seem to encompass all aspects of human development with no stones unturned. Your intensive course goes right to the heart of the matter, the real human condition. The awarenesses that result, clear the way for real manifestation. You are very dear to me because I know very few people who give on the level you do without expectation. I find myself being a lot calmer and truly more loving and tolerant of myself and others. I know the metamorphosis is just beginning.

- Sincerely, Romelle (St. Petersburg, FL, USA)

In my quest for self-knowledge about the unknown and just believing there was more to learn than met the eye, I now know that finding this amazing source of valuable and loving information for the world to learn, is something that no-one should miss out on. If you stumbled here, I truly believe it was for a reason. Make it worth your time to learn and hear Keith out. I'm happy to say he's made many upon many question I've had about spirituality, consciousness and my higher self clear with stunning and compassionate answers! I've also been able to tackle the negative ego with Keith's help. He is truly a great person and teacher! I am very grateful to be part of this exciting and innovative intensive. I can only expect more amazing breakthrough knowledge. Thanks a lot Keith.

- Peace and love, George (North Hollywood, CA, USA)

Dear Keith,
My name is Farah and I've just begun this wonderful journey of spirituality and consciousness, an endless journey with many others who also chose to do so. I am very thankful that our wonderful world has people like you, who with love and dedication share this magnificent knowledge with people like me, who are convinced of the need to get in touch with our higher selves and become who we really are, but have not been able to know how, before now. The special meditations I have listened to so far have already changed my life. They are now my inspiration for spiritual awakening and personal growth. I can only wish that many people around the globe also come across this unique opportunity for spiritual transformation.

- Farah (Riverview, FL, USA)

So many of these topics I had come across before, a little bit here, a little bit there, over many years, but somehow they hadn't registered as they have now through Keith's expertise, with the subjects that he talks about in his CDs. His approach and style of soothing vocal mesmerisation, as it were, has helped to integrate the material into a vision of the potential for a dynamic evolutionary growth. This, if anything, promises to provide humanity with the means to get beyond the mire of the present paradigm of worn out, useless, non-working ideas, into a future of hope.

- Love, Larry (Springfield, Vermont, USA)

Dear Keith,
This intensive has taken me further than I ever could have imagined! I feel myself being filled up with so much understanding and creativity! I feel as though my goals are so much more attainable, in fact I even have more imaginative goals than ever before! It has not all been easy, however. I struggled through some of the CDs. It felt as though I was straining to understand the concepts. But the more I push on, the easier it becomes! I particularly struggled through the negative ego part. But once I did catch up I felt so excited while similarly feeling peace. Not the type of peace that comes from relaxation, but the type that comes from understanding and love. I look forward to replaying the CDs over and over and growing more and more! You have so much wisdom and love there can be no denial of the truth that you speak! My soul feels it! And as my mind grows my body naturally seems to follow and I see doors opening for me all over! It is a rippling effect I believe and it seems there is no end in sight. I feel like a kid at an amusement park that doesn't know which ride to get on first!! Everything looks so much fun! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

- Love Andrea (Buffalo, N.Y., USA)

Hi Keith, I ve really been looking for the magic and love you speak of so thank you. There is a lot of truth and clarity in what you say. I feel like I m just beginning in my journey even though I ve been searching for 10 years. I think you will help a lot of people. I did download my horoscope and it was great. I mean it was very accurate as far as my personal history, my personality, even my marriage. Things like me being sick at one year of age. I was hospitalised with pneumonia. I did wear a uniform in my job, I was in the army and I do have a scar on my thigh. Thanks so much, it was really cool. Now that I ve heard sets one and two of Coming Home, I can t wait to start the remainder. I m so excited.

- Kimberly, Chicago, IL, USA.

So far what I ve heard in the first two chapters of your audio book contains similar concepts to the precepts that have taken me decades to come up with. God bless you for taking this bold, science-based strategy towards personal reality. I m certain that many others around the world will benefit from your guidance. Thanks for the horoscope reading. It s amazing what you can tell. The vast majority of it was right on the money. Your work has convinced me that the technology behind astrology has some validity. I also came to understand God by way of physics. I m really enjoying the journey with you.

- David, Kansas, USA.

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